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Summer Transfer Window: Anyone coming to Dallas?

There are a handful of international American players who are rumored or considered possible candidates for a return stateside this summer. The summer transfer window is open. Teams are looking...

Poetry Corner Kicks: This got ugly.


Poetry Corner Kicks wonders where the beauty of last week's win went?

Misery Is Better in Company


A fan from afar tells his tell of seeing FCD in person for the first time in 2014.


Where Are They Now? FCD EDITION

During our recent busy offseason, FCD made a ton of changes, chief among them, a new coach. But we also shipped out and released some players. So here, early in the season, let's ask that age old...

8 added minutes + 1 late goal = -2 points


The tie against FC Dallas leaves a bitter taste for this Union fan.

Capitalizing On a Great Start


FC Dallas is enjoying its best ever start to a season. What is propelling the team forward?

My first podcast: Previewing Seattle-FCD on Nos Audietis


Click the title above to visit Sounder at Heart and listen to Nos Audietis, where I breakdown FCD and the coming match against the Sounders from 25:30 to 48:20. Most of the FCD stuff you'll probably know already, but I'd appreciate any feedback. One note: I misspoke during my prediction in saying the FCD-Sounders match would be in Seattle. At the time I had been looking at the chalkboard of their previous meeting, noted it was in Frisco, and forgot that this no longer guaranteed the next match would be at CenturyLink. Given Dallas' desperation coming off the loss in LA, I see this coming match as a 2-1 FCD win, but by no means do I think it will be comfortable for them.

Gone Julian Gone: The JDG Trade Saga, Storify'd

Missed the whole Julian de Guzman trade to Dallas buzz on Twitter last night? Follow Waking the Red's Storify as this story unfolds.

FC Dallas 1-1 Toronto FC: I Don't Wish You'd Just Play For Draws Anymore


It was a battle of the cellar-dwellers in both MLS conferences, and it ended up with no one winning and one probably should have won. Who was it? The answer may or may not shock you...okay, it was...

WTR Live! Toronto FC vs. FC Dallas


Can't make it to tonight's TFC game in Dallas? Stuck at work or at some fancy work function? Then follow WTR Live's award-eligible text commentary and chat starting at 8:30pm ET, with WTR's...

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