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Quakes scrimmage with Cal postponed

I just received word that today's scrimmage with the California soccer team has been postponed due to weather. The match was to be played at Berkeley this morning, but it needed to be moved to a new location due to the inclement weather. Instead of trying to find a new field on such short notice, an Earthquakes spokesperson let me know the game is now scheduled for Monday in the South Bay.

With most of the talk going into this week about the contentious Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations, and the possibility of a work stoppage of if a new agreement is not reached by Thursday's deadline, the future of Monday's game (and Saturday's game at the Fresno Fuego) is less certain. The players have made it clear that they are ready to strike, but they have not indicated when that would begin. Until there is a resolution in the CBA talks, the league and the players' union continue to operate under the previous agreement.