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City of San Jose to add soccer facility to Earthquakes stadium location

According to a story in the Mercury News, the city of San Jose hopes to build a new soccer complex adjacent to the proposed Earthquakes stadium project. Using bond money approved by voters in 2000, the four artificial turf fields would take up 10 acres of city-owned land just to the north of the Earthquakes' recently started Nutrilite Training Facility. Both projects, and the proposed new stadium, border on the Caltrain corridor to the west and the airport to the east.

After lengthy delays on all three projects mentioned above, it is a great sign to finally see these project moving forward. However, the centerpiece of this San Jose soccer epicenter remains the proposed stadium. With a potential construction finish prior to the 2012 season looking out of the question due to financial constraints, there are still steps that need to be done in order to start construction in the first place.

The next important step in the process toward land-issue approval occurs tomorrow with the first of two city reviews towards passage of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Earthquakes stadium project. On February 10, the San Jose Planning Commission will hold a hearing on the EIR at San Jose City Hall. If that panel approves the report, it then goes to the full city council on March 16.

Local group Soccer Silicon Valley, known for their involvement in bringing the Quakes franchise back to life in 2008, have urged all Earthquakes supporters to attend both EIR review meetings  to show their support for professional soccer in San Jose. Past city council meetings with Quakes fans in attendance have garnered much local media coverage, and have been instrumental in encouraging city leaders that professional soccer is important in the community. So dry clean those replica uniforms, press your crumpled supporters' scarves, and take the opportunity to practice your best Quakes cheers this Wednesday and March 16th.