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Quakes Cast Episode 32: San Jose Earthquakes collect 2-1 road win at New England, cast eyes toward recapturing Heritage Cup at Seattle Sounders

Good news for listeners: Joe Nuxoll is back in the booth this week, where he attempts to execute the three-man weave with co-hosts Robert Jonas and Kelly Gray. Mission (kinda, sorta) accomplished, as they maneuver through some post game analysis of San Jose’s big win at New England and navigate the treacherous waters of previewing the upcoming road trip to the Seattle Sounders. Much like the Earthquakes offense, the trio turns to Chris Wondolowski to bail them out when things look rough — who can’t get enough talk about the now MLS leader in goals scored?

After taking stock of some excellent listener questions and comments, the gang size up the weekend match against the Sounders — the second leg of the Heritage Cup. Winner takes all for this supporter supported trophy; that is, unless the teams draw, then Seattle holds the tiebreaker, unless the Quakes score three or more goals in the draw, then thee trophy heads back south to San Jose. Got that? How ‘bout, win the match and win the trophy. There, simple.

While the Sounders’ postseason berth is secured, they do have something else to play for — the number two seed in the Western Conference. More than 57,000 fans are expected in attendance at the match for that reason, and perhaps as well to pay tribute to retiring goalkeeping legend Kasey Keller. Okay, maybe more for the latter reason. They might also be there to potentially witness Wondolowski’s drive to a second straight MLS Golden Boot award, though I imagine that would only serve to rain on Keller’s retirement parade.

In any case, the Quakes Cast features two special guests on this week’s episode to preview the match in Seattle. First off, with his X’s and O’x analysis of the Sounders is Seattle Times reporter Joshua Mayers. Josh talks about the Sounders MLS MVP candidates as well as some of the lesser recognized players on the roster. Second to the table, and also making his sophomore appearance on the Quakes Cast, is the voice of the Seattle Sounders, broadcaster Arlo White. Always a pleasure to talk soccer with Arlo, he goes into more depth the events surrounding the match and celebrates the progress made by the club in MLS. In many regards, Seattle has become the standard bearer for MLS franchises, and Arlo provides some insights into what has led to the team’s success.

Do Robert, Kelly, and Joe have all the answers? They certainly share their opinions this week on Episode 27 of the Quakes Cast. But it is not all about them; please share your comments and questions below and on Twitter to @QuakesCast.

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