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Welcome to Quake, Rattle and Goal

Allow me to be the first to welcome you to the newest member of the SBNation of MLS team blogs. My name is Robert Jonas, and I am happy to introduce Quake, Rattle and Goal — a blog dedicated to news, stories, and opinion about the San Jose Earthquakes. While I also write (and podcast) for some other websites of note, I felt that SBNation was the perfect host for a blog that was more about the community of Quakes fans, whether they hail from San Jose, California to San Jose, Costa Rica to everywhere else in between.

Quake, Rattle and Goal strives to give a voice to all our readers; I strongly encourage you to use the comments section below each article or to scribe a FanPost to appear right here on the front page. I’ll provide the facts and figures for the Earthquakes, but you’ll need to step it up and bring the passion that I hear from you every time I watch a game at Buck Shaw Stadium. And much like a fan in those stands, let me know what works and doesn’t work for you as QRG evolves to be the best MLS team blog in the SBNation family. The San Jose Earthquakes might seem to have the attitude of a small-market club at times, but there is no reason to expect the same from our blog.

In being invited to usher in the Earthquakes blog, I was promised a readership that didn’t treat soccer like just another activity in the great sporting landscape. Rather, I was told to expect a fanatical and demanding audience that appreciated the best of the beautiful game on the pitch as well as on the internet. I enjoy a good challenge, so I accepted the role of manager of the Quake, Rattle and Goal website wholeheartedly expecting that not only will I be held to a high standard by my readers, but that your comments and suggestions will help me become even better at the craft I so passionately pursue.

While I can't promise that QRG will be groundbreaking, the blog will be informative, and it will be fun. Above all, I promise it will become an essential stop on your quest to quench your thirst for everything Earthquakes soccer. Together, we are only now beginning the journey. I am glad to have you aboard.