Statement from 1906 Ultras Capo Dan Margarit re: Ultras Protest

For the record, I am not Dan, from Big Soccer

I am happy to report that the much-publicized 1906 Ultras protest is resolved. Today I had a very productive meeting with San Jose Earthquakes President Dave Kaval, whom I thank for his graciousness in meeting me in the East Bay. We have mutually decided to move forward in collaborative fashion by improving communication and focusing on working together for the well being of the Earthquakes organization and its entire fanbase.

Two of the sanctions imposed on the 1906 Ultras have been modified. A “red card” received by a non-member of the 1906 Ultras was removed from the group's record, while the period of probation for the Charlie Sheen tifo was reduced to three games inclusive of the one just played, with the further clarification that the probation does not prevent the 1906 Ultras from displaying appropriate tifo during the course of the probation.

As importantly, the 1906 Ultras and the Earthquakes have agreed that moving forward both parties will do our best to avoid repeating mistakes made in the past and to take a proactive approach to avoid further miscommunications. The San Jose Earthquakes' history and tradition obliges us to give them our full and unreserved support and we intend to continue do so as we have over the past eight years. The 1906 Ultras would like to thank the numerous fans who showed solidarity with us during our recent protest, and we would like to invite ALL Earthquakes fans join in our songs and chants so as to turn Buckshaw Stadium into the loudest in the league.

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