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MLS action so close, you can taste it!

One of the many pleasant quirks of covering the San Jose Earthquakes is how down-to-earth the whole organization can be when compared to the other professional sports teams in the Bay Area. Case in point, instead of holding their Reserve League matches at what would be a near-empty Buck Shaw Stadium, the Quakes opt for their tidy training grounds adjacent to their proposed new stadium property. The club does not charge attendees to enter the facility or to park their cars within steps of the entrance gate. Instead, fans are encouraged to come out and watch the action -- just remember to bring your own chair and be prepared for errant balls and players that may come shooting out in your direction.

Over at the wonderfully titled blog San Jose Mirthquakes, local Quakes supporter Nerdy Gales shared his experiences after attending the San Jose Earthquakes reserve team 3-0 victory over the LA Galaxy reserves. A great observation and geographical coinage from the mind of Nerdy -- the "In-N-Out Burger End"  to signify the south goal -- will now be a permanent part of my lexicon.