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Putting family first delays dreams of Women’s World Cup hopeful

While men soccer players with the talent to represent their countries in international competitions have their financial security virtually guaranteed by a vibrant circuit of professional leagues around the globe, women soccer players do not always have that luxury. Many women with dreams of playing soccer as a career must face the daunting challenge of competing for the very few resources provided by the limited number of professional teams that exist the world over. This is even true here in the United States, where many players in the fledgling WPS are paid less than a comfortable wage.

Often pursuing the dream to play soccer at the highest level involves many sacrifices for women players, and tough choices along the way end up dictating whether they succeed or fail in that endeavor. Elliott Almond tells the tale of one such women, Priscilla Meza of Watsonville, CA, whose love and dedication to her family superseded that of soccer and ultimately cost her a chance to play in the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup.

(Photo: Reg Regalado/Courtesy of 831 Magazine)