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Quakes Cast Episode 24: Portland Timbers escape with draw courtesy of KFC; MLS Cup champs Colorado Rapids on the horizon

The clock is ticking on the San Jose’s postseason hopes as the Portland Timbers earn a road point at the expense of the Quakes. While the fate of the western world may not be at stake, the Earthquakes place in the Western Conference is, and the podcasting trio is on the hunt for what tortures the team. With a healthy does of help from the listeners corps, the efforts of all to steer the Quakes clear of upcoming white water takes center stage. It’s a race against time as the team has only eleven games remaining in the MLS season, but mathematics tells us the Earthquakes still have everything to play for. The Quakes Cast is on the case and will not stop to eat or sleep until the final whistle blows.

(Photo: Joe Nuxoll,

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