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More fun with statistics: just how important are the goals that Chris Wondolowski scores for the San Jose Earthquakes?

When the 800-pound gorilla of soccer websites that is began scooping up scribes across the country last year, one of those talented writers that made his way to the mothership was Elijah Miller. The man has a way with numbers, as his excellent blog Climbing the Ladder put on display for years, and he now plies his statistical trade with the league's official website. Always a must read in my opinion, this week Miller broke down a most important stat for us number geeks -- the value in points that a goal should be worth in comparison to all other goals scored in that match. Not surprisingly, he finds that not all game-winning goals are created equal. Also not surprisingly, he finds that forward Chris Wondolowski is virtual at the top of the league's goal scorers when it comes to importance to their teams.