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Celebrating the end of a long career writing about the Beautiful Game

Growing up in Southern California oh so many years ago, I had the pleasure of watching both the L.A. Aztecs and the California Surf back in the waning years of the NASL. Those were also the days before the Internet, which many of our readers likely have no recollection of that ever being so, when news came courtesy of a dull white folded paper object we affectionately called the morning newspaper. As an avid reader of the sports section of the Los Angeles Times, I was often on the look-out for that rarity of rarities -- a column about soccer. The likely source of that column would be writer Grahame L. Jones, whom today marks the end of a remarkable 38 year career with the L.A. Times with a final story on the beautiful game. Not too many in the newspaper industry gave soccer its due over the years, Grahame was one of the good guys.