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LA or Vancouver? Who would the Quakes rather play?

Tonight the LA Galaxy take on the Vancouver Whitecaps in order to see who will play the San Jose Earthquakes in the Western Conference Semi-Final. Lisa Erickson asked Quakes players who they would rather face.

Always a fun battle when playing the LA Galaxy
Always a fun battle when playing the LA Galaxy
John Medina

The regular season is done and now it is time for the MLS playoffs to happen. The San Jose Earthquakes find out on Thursday evening which team they will face come Sunday afternoon. Will they be flying south to see LA Galaxy who haven’t beat the Quakes this year? Will they fly north to artificial turf and a Vancouver team happy to be the spoiler of other teams’ dreams?

When asked about this new season, San Jose Goalkeeper Jon Busch had this to say: "Now we have to focus on the playoffs. Every team now starts from the same spot in the playoffs. All the hard work we’ve done is now over with for the regular season and now we have to start all over again for the next little while. We’ve got to get that mentality and take that mentality that we’ve used all season and move it into the playoffs. We’re going to have to face everybody so it doesn’t really matter if it is LA or Vancouver. It is what it is. Whoever wins that game, we’ll get them and we’ll prepare for them."

The San Jose rookie Sam Garza had this to add: "Oh, obviously it would be good to play against LA to hopefully beat them again. I mean I’ll take anyone right now, I’m not that worried about it. Whoever we play, we play."

Defender and MLS All-Star Justin Morrow added his opinion to the mix: "I wouldn’t mind going up against LA. We always have a great game when we play them, they’re our rival so there wouldn’t be anything better than beating LA."

Striker Chris Wondolowski, midfielder Shea Salinas and Head Goonie Steven Lenhart all said that it would be great to face LA again; but they will be prepared for either team come Sunday.

When asked if they think David Beckham, who has never played at Buck Shaw stadium in five years, will come up on Wednesday, November 7th for the return game. Here’s what the players had to say:

Justin Morrow: "That would be a huge question mark. Depends on how we did in the first game. If we beat them down there, I don’t think he would come up here."

Jon Busch, "I’m sure that David Beckham will show up to Buck Shaw; it’s playoff time after all."

All in all, playoffs are here and the San Jose Earthquakes are hoping to make #BlueNovember one to remember for all time.