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Turkish striker Sercan Güvenışık secures P-1 Visa, set to join new San Jose Earthquakes teammates

While Turkish striker Sercan Güvenışık waited patiently in Germany for the necessary paperwork that will allow him to join his new San Jose Earthquakes teammates to be completed, he took time out of his day to shoot a short video welcome for the Buck Shaw faithful. With a crisp and cool German landscape as the background, Güvenışık says he is "ready to score some goals" for the Quakes. He is probably also looking forward to joining us ASAP so that he can warm up in the California winter sunshine.

Well, within a few hours of posting his video, Güvenışık received word that his P-1 Visa has been approved and that he is free to make his way to the United States. Like all modern footballers, he immediately took to Twitter to share the good news with Quakes fans.

Seems Güvenışık is not only a proficient goal-scorer, but also some kind of poet. With renaissance skills like that, the striker should fit in quite comfortably in the Bay Area.