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Earthquakes March to the Cup: Playoff tickets now available

Ladies and gentlemen: Your first look at the San Jose Earthquakes 2012 MLS Cup playoffs tickets
Ladies and gentlemen: Your first look at the San Jose Earthquakes 2012 MLS Cup playoffs tickets

The San Jose Earthquakes began selling playoff tickets to the general public earlier this week, albeit as part of special ticket packages until individual tickets go on sale in October, as a sign of the franchise’s growing confidence that it will finish in playoff position come the end of the regular season. Now, while that assumption seems safe given the Earthquakes lofty perch above the sixth place team in the Western Conference — 15 points ahead with 2 games in hand — work remains for the team to clinch the top spot and home field advantage in their quest for MLS Cup.

If the playoffs started today, San Jose would face the winner of the Western Conference wildcard play-in game between the Los Angeles Galaxy and Vancouver Whitecaps. The first contest in the two-leg series would be on the road with the second match held at Buck Shaw Stadium in early November. The winner of that series plays in the two-leg Western Conference championship for a berth in the MLS Cup Final.

Want to know what tickets look like for that conference semifinal? Some come from season ticket holders that as part of their commitment to purchasing a package for the entire year are charged for their first playoff ticket. Others are surfacing as the franchise attempts to sell out the game through early exclusive sales to its most loyal fans — a clever way to limit how many direct-purchase tickets will be available to visiting supporters. Bottom line: Get your playoff tickets now, because without a doubt The Buck will be sold out well before kickoff on November 3.

Meanwhile, while fans make their march to the ticket kiosk, the club continues its March to the Cup. Playoff fever is already starting to show signs of catching on in San Jose, and the first (of many?) videos chronicling the 2012 season in progress has been released. The initial installment of the Earthquakes March to the Cup series looks back at the 5-0 pasting the team put on Real Salt Lake back on July 14. Check out the full video after the break.

Episode One of the San Jose Earthquakes "March to the Cup" video series: