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Chris Wondolowski scores again with spicy signature sandwich at Ike's Place

Want a sandwich named after you? Well, go out and score a league record tying 27 goals and win an MVP award and maybe your dream will come true.

Chris Wondolowski accomplished many feats in the last year, with nothing more impressive than capturing the 2012 MLS MVP award. But 2013 is a new year, with new expectations, but Wondo is already out there getting it done. In this fun video, Wondo visits Ike's Place sandwich shop and picks a custom-made sandwich to bear his name.

Now, would Jurgen Klinsmann, a notoriously regimented dietician, approve of such a delicious sandwich? Also, could such a delicacy be just the thing to power Wondo to another record-breaking MLS season. And most importantly, is anyone busy for lunch on Friday?