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The CenterLine Report: Available exclusively on

For the past two seasons, CenterLine Soccer has contributed an exclusive weekly article to the San Jose Earthquakes website known simply as The CenterLine Report. Sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, the articles were a great way to gain some insight into the club and its players. We at CenterLine Soccer are proud to announce that the series will continue into the 2013 MLS season, and we encourage all of our regular readers to look for new articles weekly.

In case you missed the most current CenterLine Report, or just want to catch up on older columns, we will provide a catalog of all articles published to date. Please enjoy, and as always, feel free to leave your comments below:


February 28, 2013: CenterLine Report: What a long way we've come Robert Jonas takes fans through the lengthy journey to building a soccer-specific stadium

January 30, 2013: CenterLine Report: Tucson Preseason — What to look for as the Quakes start preseason and a look ahead to the 2013 season

January 22, 2013: CenterLine Report: Great Expectations — Last season marked a banner year for the Quakes, but the team is hungry for the MLS Cup in 2013

January 16, 2013: CenterLine Report: Top five Quakes' draft picks— With Thursday's upcoming SuperDraft, CenterLine Report looks at the Quakes' top five picks

January 9, 2013: CenterLine Report: A look ahead to 2013 — Insight into the Quakes' key matchups of 2013

November 20, 2012: CenterLine Report: Thankful for a memorable season — The 2012 season gave Quakes fans much to be thankful for

November 9, 2012: CenterLine Report: Reflections on the Amazing 2012 season — Breaking down the wealth of highlights characterizing the Quakes' 2012 campaign

November 2, 2012: CenterLine Report: Top Five Best Playoff Moments — The Top 5 Playoff Moments in Quakes History

October 10, 2012: CenterLine Report: Jimmy Conrad Q&A — Robert Jonas sits down with former Quake Jimmy Conrad

Plus, many more from the archive to come, plus some never before published reports, so stay tuned!