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Steven Lenhart cements his status as the baddest man in MLS

With former New York Red Bulls malcontent Rafa Marquez moving on to greener pastures, the new MLS bad-boy has got to be San Jose Earthquakes forward Steven Lenhart. The blond-haired bohemian has a way of getting into the heads of opposing defenders. Against "The Dan Patrick Show" sidekick Paulie, Lenny shows off his best off-the-ball moves. Karate Kick!

Move over Rafa Maquez! There's a new MLS villain in town.

Steven Lenhart already has a reputation for being a dirty player, so maybe it was tongue-in-cheek that the producers of "The Dan Patrick Show" highlighted the MLS bad-boy in a spot with the show's producer Paul "Paulie" Pabst. In a segment called "5 good seconds with Paulie" -- complete with soccer balls representing the letters "o" in good -- Patrick's colleague gets a lesson in what behavior will earn you a card. And while we haven't seen it from Lenhart just yet, clearly a flying karate kick to the shoulder is deserving of a red card. (Oh, and he takes a mean penalty kick too!)

Lenhart, loved by Earthquakes supporters but hated elsewhere around the league, has certainly done nothing in this video to quell the idea that he is the biggest villain in Major League Soccer.