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San Jose Earthquakes receive first permit for new stadium construction

San Jose Earthquakes president Dave Kaval tweeted out a photo of the first permit received from the City of San Jose for the team's new stadium. Site prep work is expected to begin early next week and the first visible steps in the construction of the 18,000 seat stadium will soon follow.

Earlier this month, San Jose Earthquakes president Dave Kaval announced at the annual "President's Dinner" that construction of the new stadium would begin the week of February 25. This morning, Kaval tweeted out an image of the first permit issued by the City of San Jose to the team as contractors stand ready to begin preparation of the site.

Kaval promises many more permits along the way, though most of the behind-the-scenes work to apply for those permits is already completed. As Kaval divulged to the Silicon Valley Business Journal, the team's strategy has been to get all the design elements determined prior to the start of construction.

If the process runs as expected, and the Dev-Con contractors do not run into any delays during construction, the Earthquakes are planning to move into their new stadium in time for the start of the 2014 MLS regular season.