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Justin Morrow week continues as San Jose Earthquakes defender nominated for MLS Goal of the Week

Quake. Rattle, and GOAL! continues its week-long celebration of Justin Morrow with this task for San Jose Earthquakes supporters -- vote early and vote often to earn J-Mo MLS Goal of the Week honors

Not a bad week for defender Justin Morrow. On Saturday he bangs in a long range effort to earn a point on the road against the Columbus Crew. On Sunday, during his flight home to the Bay Area, he gets a voicemail inviting him to join the U.S. Men's National Team for a pair of important upcoming World Cup qualifiers. And on Monday, the powers that be at declared Morrow's equalizer against the Crew one of the top-five goals of the week.

So what else does the left back have to look forward to this week, other than the hospitality of the Mile High city as he trains for Friday's USMNT match against Costa Rica? Perhaps an MLS Goal of the Week award to set upon his mantle.

Over a weekend that was billed as #RivalryWeek by the league -- Crew and Quakes go back to the inaugural season providing a tenuous connection to the whole affair -- very few goals were scored during MLS play. But one in particular was both impressive and important: J-Mo's long-range effort from outside the area that eluded goalkeeper Andy Gruenebaum and stunned the home-opening Crew Stadium crowd.

With Morrow-week in full swing, the task at hand is clear: Vote early and vote often for Morrow's goal. After all, he deserves it.