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Have You Heard? Latest CLS Radio Roundtable is out!

There is a San Jose Earthquakes specific podcast on the prowl and it's wondering if you are listening and if not, why not?


Ahh the MLS season is in its fourth week and coincidentally so is the latest San Jose Earthquakes specific podcast called "Center Line Soccer Radio Show". The writers and photographers of Center Line Soccer (and Quake, Rattle and Goal) are loving to get together every week to discuss all things San Jose Earthquakes and Major League Soccer.

The show's normal format covers any matches that has occurred since the previous taping of the show, injury news or updates, and anything Robert Jonas can pick up from the Quakes' Tuesday training session. Finally before the show wraps up, the team of sleuths discuss the upcoming opponent and then make their own predictions on the outcome of the next match (FYI, Lisa is always forced to predict a loss since well, she's a jinx).

On top of getting the panel's opinions, the show also encourages listeners to leave questions on either the Center Line Soccer Facebook page or send a tweet to @CLSRoundtable for the entire group to discuss.

The show can be found normally every Thursday, late afternoon, on iTunes,, RSS feed and features as one of the shows broadcast on NASN Radio.

This week's show can be found here:

We hope that everyone sits back, relaxes, and enjoys the show.