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Esteemed media panel discusses San Jose Earthquakes season opener

New for 2013, the San Jose Earthquakes digital team is putting together a weekly Google Hangout featuring members of their radio and television broadcast teams. And occasionally, one of their writers as well.

The San Jose Earthquakes are looking to increase their digital footprint with a new offering in 2013. Each week on Tuesday (sometimes Wednesday) over the lunch hour, the club will host a Google Hangout with a panel of media members culled from their radio and television broadcast partners.

And, apparently, they'll invite on the occasional CSN Bay Area scribe as well.

Not quite "Around the Horn," the Hangout should be a fun place to get some news and views on the Earthquakes. And if you still want more, be sure to check out the new Center Line Soccer Radio Roundtable, airing exclusively on

Without question: it's never been a better time to get your Quakes information and entertainment.