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That's Conradical! Jimmy Conrad teaches Chris Wondolowski how to act like an MVP

Who else but Jimmy Conrad, the most handsome man ever to play in MLS, to teach reigning MLS MVP Chris Wondolowski how to dress and act the part. Wondo gets some new threads in this hilarious video from Kick TV.

Are we ready for Chris Wondolowski interviews given in the third person? Do we want traffic in downtown Los Gatos grinding to a halt when Wondo is cruising the streets in a giant stretch limo? Will the Golden Boot winner raise the bar on his goal celebrations to levels not seen this far west of Old Trafford?

No, doubt it, and please no!

On the latest American Soccer Spectacular over at Kick TV, host Jimmy Conrad welcome reigning MLS MVP to New York City and gives him some helpful tips on how to act the part. Somehow, I just can't imagine Wondo will take much of Jimmy's advice to heart.