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Center Line Soccer Radio roundtable off to rousing success

Center Line Soccer Radio is in the house as Robert Jonas, Joe Nuxoll, and Lisa Erickson sidle up to the Roundtable to talk about the San Jose Earthquakes. The beer nuts go flying early as the trio decries the absurdity of “Shoe-Gate” and the Quakes shipping a point to the Vancouver Whitecaps. This is MLS, not the NHL — don’t power play goals only happen in hockey?!

Robert checks in with a training report, including a reveal as to which injured first-choice starter is likely to be back with the club this weekend. Two weeks ago it was Alan Gordon, last week it was Steven Lenhart, who is next?

A Portland double-dip — do they make those at Voodoo Doughnuts? — awaits the Quakes as they play two straight against the Timbers over the next two Sundays. Perhaps another double-dip of sorts (a French dip sounds delicious!) to talk about too, as Mike Magee is slated to be a guest of honor at a San Jose restaurant grand opening next Tuesday. Seriously?! Be sure to don Blue and Black and make Magee feel welcome, Quakes fans.

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