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San Jose Earthquakes unveil virtual seating map for new stadium

With an expected opening date in 2014, the San Jose Earthquakes new stadium took center stage this week with the unveiling of two new features for those who want to follow along with its construction: A virtual seating map and a live construction webcam.

Slowly but surely, the San Jose Earthquakes new stadium project is chugging along toward an anticipated opening date in 2014. And this week, to whet the appetites of new soccer stadium construction aficionados from the Bay Area and beyond, the club has unveiled a virtual seating map and an on-site live construction webcam.

The virtual seating guide is a splendid way to visualize your seat in the new Quakes stadium, whether it is one of many in the vast sea of Earthquakes blue that dominates the East and West sideline stands or it is one of the select white seats that spell out "Quakes" in the South End. Plug in your desired seat location in the visualizer, and sit back and imagine the boys in Blue and Black getting in done next season.

Can't wait for the new stadium to arrive? Still cleaning out the dirt from your shoes following last October's world record setting groundbreaking ceremony? Well then, pull up a chair and watch along from the construction site webcam as the former FMC factory is converted into the Bay Area's premier soccer facility. Sure, it might be a large plot of dirt and rubble at this point, but with an aggressive construction schedule over the next 12 months, you are bound to sit in awe as the stadium arises from the ground up.

A dream that is nearly four decades in the making is nearing reality: The San Jose Earthquakes new stadium is on its way.