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San Jose Earthquakes draw on 40 year history in redesign of club logo

The Quakes unveiled their new logo to a crowd of over 4000 supporters Thursday night in downtown San Jose, and the reaction was overwhelmingly positive.

After nearly a month of providing hint after hint on their plans for a new logo, the San Jose Earthquakes finally made it official with a grand unveiling Thursday evening in downtown San Jose.

With current and former players in attendance, the Quakes welcomed more than 4000 supporters to San Pedro Market Square to watch the unveiling of the club;s rebranded look, A process that began more than two years ago, the logo redesign was met favorably by the large crowd of Earthquakes fans.

While some had an initial reaction that was less complimentary, the bulk of those in attendance quickly grew fond of the new design, and the queue to purchase merchandise for the new Earthquakes gear was a constant in front of the gear tents for hours following the new logo's unveiling.

Along with the new logo, the Quakes presented a new anthem, written by Rancid lead singer Lars Frederiksen and performed by his new band, The Old Firm Casuals. Following the unveiling, the local musical artists put on a rousing concert in an adjacent venue.

Jerseys featuring the new Earthquakes logo, blue and black for the primary kit and all red for the secondary kit, were available for purchase at the event. They new look products can also be purchased from the MLS Gear website.