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MLS Re-Entry Draft primer: Should the San Jose Earthquakes make a selection in Stage One?

Stage One of the MLS Re-Entry Draft is on Friday. Should the Quakes take the plunge and build roster depth from the list of available veteran players?

Atiba Harris is one of two Earthquakes players available in the MLS Re-Entry Draft
Atiba Harris is one of two Earthquakes players available in the MLS Re-Entry Draft
Lyndsay Radnedge | Center Line Soccer

In what has been a frenetic week for player movement around MLS, the league has one more bit of business to take care of: Stage One of the MLS Re-Entry Draft. The Re-Entry Draft is as a close a system to free agency that single-entity MLS extends to its players. Stage One kicks off at noon on Friday, December 12.

The San Jose Earthquakes have the second pick in both Stage One and Stage Two (the concluding stage takes place next week on December 18) and can select players for as long as the multi-round draft runs. Each stage of the draft concludes when all participating teams elect to pass on making a selection.

Teams that make a selection in Stage One are required to exercise that player's 2015 contract option or, for players whose contracts run out at the end of 2014, make a bona fide contract offer. This qualification has kept the number of selections to a minimum in years past -- only 11 total players over the four years the process has been in place have been selected in Stage One and were owed their full salary amount.

Stage Two is typically more active, as teams that make a selection can negotiate a new contract with that player. In addition, as long as the team makes a reasonable (not a complete low-ball) offer to its Stage Two selection, even if that player refuses the offer, it retains the player's contract rights within MLS. Any players not picked up after Stage Two become available to any MLS team on a first-come, first-served basis.

In the four previous Re-Entry Drafts from 2010 through 2013, the Earthquakes did not make a single Stage One selection, while they collected a total of five players in Stage Two. San Jose was the most active team in 2012, selecting three players in Stage Two: Dan Gargan, Ty Harden, and Bryan Jordan. Last year, the Quakes picked up Shaun Francis and Brandon Barklage. Both Harden and Francis proved to be good pick-ups by the Quakes and were recently protected in the MLS Expansion Draft.

MLS, per the guidelines established in the current Collective Bargaining Agreement, has uses the following three criteria to determine whether a player is eligible for the Re-Entry Draft (players not eligible for the Re-Entry process were available earlier in the week in the Waiver Draft):

  1. Players who are at least 23 years old and have a minimum of 3 years experience in MLS whose options were not exercised by their team are available at their option salary for 2015.
  2. Players who are at least 25 years old with a minimum of 4 years of MLS experience who are out of contract and whose team does not wish to re-sign them at their previous salary are available for at least their 2014 salary.
  3. Players who are at least 30 years old with a minimum of 8 years of MLS experience who are out of contract and whose team does not wish to re-sign them are available for at least 105% of their 2014 salary.

Two players from the current Earthquakes roster were made available for the Re-Entry draft: goalkeeper Jon Busch and Atiba Harris. And while there still exists the chance that either or both player could re-sign with the Quakes, it is all but certain that both veterans have played their last games for San Jose.

2014 MLS Re-Entry Draft Eligible Players:

(Grouped by team)

Player Team Position 2014 Guaranteed Compensation Status
Patrick Ianni Chicago Fire D $150,000.00 Declined
Hunter Jumper Chicago Fire D $48,500.00 Declined
Steven Kinney Chicago Fire D $48,825.00 Declined
Sanna Nyassi Chicago Fire MF $154,625.00 Declined
Gonzalo Segares Chicago Fire D $173,333.33 Declined
Bakary Soumare Chicago Fire D $370,000.00 Declined
Carlos Borja Chivas USA D $52,313.00 Declined
Marvin Chavez Chivas USA MF $200,000.00 Out of Contract
Oswaldo Minda Chivas USA MF $168,750.00 Declined
Martin Rivero Chivas USA MF $50,004.00 Declined
Nathan Sturgis Chivas USA D $120,333.33 Declined
Daniel Paladini Columbus Crew MF $76,666.67 Declined
David Armstrong Colorado Rapids MF $36,504.00 Declined
Edson Buddle Colorado Rapids F $325,000.00 Declined
Kamani Hill Colorado Rapids MF $48,825.00 Declined
Dimitry Imbongo Colorado Rapids F $122,375.00 Declined
Brian Mullan Colorado Rapids MF $48,500.00 Declined
Marvell Wynne Colorado Rapids D $285,000.00 Declined
Jair Benitez FC Dallas D $97,875.00 Declined
Adam Moffat FC Dallas MF $176,608.33 Declined
Hendry Thomas FC Dallas MF $180,000.00 Declined
Nana Attakora DC United D $65,575.52 Declined
Alex Caskey DC United MF $48,825.00 Declined
Jeff Parke DC United D $235,500.00 Declined
Conor Shanosky DC United D $36,500.00 Declined
Omar Cummings Houston Dynamo F $264,000.00 Declined
Brian Ownby Houston Dynamo MF $48,825.00 Declined
Rafael Garcia LA Galaxy MF $48,825.00 Declined
Chandler Hoffman LA Galaxy F $48,500.00 Declined
Brian Perk LA Galaxy GK $63,125.00 Declined
James Riley LA Galaxy D $80,000.00 Declined
Mamadou "Futty" Danso Montreal Impact D $87,500.00 Out of Contract
Matteo Ferrari Montreal Impact D $355,475.00 Declined
Troy Perkins Montreal Impact GK $271,833.33 Out of Contract
Andre Akpan New England Revolution F $51,333.33 Declined
Shalrie Joseph New England Revolution MF $294,000.00 Declined
Stephen McCarthy New England Revolution D $132,582.00 Out of Contract
Bobby Convey New York Red Bulls MF $147,500.00 Declined
Kosuke Kimura New York Red Bulls D $105,000.00 Declined
Corben Bone Philadelphia Union MF $51,325.00 Declined
Fred Carreiro Philadelphia Union MF $65,460.00 Out of Contract
Brian Carroll Philadelphia Union MF $185,220.00 Out of Contract
Kalif Alhassan Portland Timbers MF $120,000.00 Declined
Rauwshan KcKenzie Portland Timbers D $48,825.00 Out of Contract
Danny O’Rourke Portland Timbers D $55,008.00 Out of Contract
Rich Balchan Real Salt Lake D $48,500.00 Declined
Robbie Findley Real Salt Lake F $245,000.00 Declined
Aaron Maund Real Salt Lake D $40,250.00 Declined
Tristan Bowen Seattle Sounders F $70,000.00 Declined
Joshua Ford Seattle Sounders GK $50,239.94 Declined
Marcus Hahnemann Seattle Sounders GK $65,000.00 Declined
Jon Busch San Jose Earthquakes GK $184,533.33 Out of Contract
Atiba Harris San Jose Earthquakes MF $189,775.00 Out of Contract
Joshua Gardner Sporting KC MF $70,000.00 Declined
Andy Gruenebaum Sporting KC GK $85,000.00 Declined
Eric Kronberg Sporting KC GK $120,000.00 Declined
Dwayne DeRosario Toronto FC F $173,000.00 Declined
Jeremy Hall Toronto FC D $115,000.00 Declined
Ryan Richter Toronto FC D $48,500.00 Declined
Andrew Weideman Toronto FC F $70,500.00 Declined
Carlyle Mitchell Vancouver Whitecaps D $50,075.00 Out of Contract
Mauro Rosales Vancouver Whitecaps MF $450,000.00 Declined

Both Brian Mullan of the Colorado Rapids and Mauro Rosales of the Vancouver Whitecaps elected to remove themselves from eligibility in the Re-Entry Draft and are free to negotiate new contract terms with their current clubs.