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#Mix2SJ: does Mix Diskerud to San Jose make sense?

Mix Diskerud to the San Jose Earthquakes would make a lot of sense - wouldn't it? The most famous Norwegian since Roald Amundsen appeared to be heading south (of the border), but now that rumor has been quashed, and Quakes fans' resume their speculation, albeit wishfully, about Mix to San Jose.

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#Mix2SJ - why not?
#Mix2SJ - why not?
Lyndsay Radnedge

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Check out the #MIX2SJ hashtag on Twitter - there are Quakes fans dressing up their Mix bobble heads in blue and black, and hoping that Diskerud might be the missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle that will be new coach Dominic Kinnear's 2015 season.

With the recent sale of his house in Norway and recent rumors of Diskerud's transfer to Tijuana cooling, hopes of his switch to MLS have been rekindled. Perhaps Earthquakes will finally have that missing-in-action attacking midfielder that they've searched for since Simon Dawkins went back to Dear Old Blighty in 2012.

Mikkel Morgenstar Pålssønn "Mix" Diskerud was born October 2, 1990, in Norway to a Norwegian father and American mother. It was his mother that proclaimed his nickname "Mix" - he was an energetic kid, running around like a 'mix-master' - thankfully she didn't choose the nickname "Sunbeam".

His mother's nationality also permitted Mix's eligibility for the USMNT, for whom he now has five goals in 25 appearances. His journey down the road to the USMNT began in 2008, when U.S. U-20 coach Thomas Rongen spotted him, and brazenly "...asked if I had an American passport when I was going to take a corner kick, actually," Diskerud said. "And I said yes."

Diskerud was eventually selected for the US team for the 2014 World Cup, although he did not appear in any games in Brazil. Head coach Jurgen Klinsmann took a mix of youth and experience to Brazil, and at the age of 24 Diskerud should be among the cadre of 'youth' that will undoubtedly transition into 'experience' for the 2018 trip to Russia.

A cheerful character, the camera loves Mix - check out this gallery from Center Line Soccer photographer Lyndsay Radnedge. A broad, but coy smile, with shoulder length hair flowing as he charges through the defense. A new surfing partner for Steven Lenhart perhaps - he would surely fit right into the California lifestyle.

How about a new partner in 'the mixer' alongside Lenhart and Wondolowski? The lone goal in the USMNT's 4-1 loss to the Republic of Ireland was a thing of beauty: Wondo headed down the ball directly to the feet of Mix, who neatly - perfectly - placed the ball straight into the back of the net.

Both players are predominantly known by their nicknames, which lend themselves to fantastic portmanteaus: Mixdolowski? Wondorud? Either way, perhaps John Doyle would finally have that Dawkins-like attacking midfielder that the team has missed since 2012, and we can all raise a glass of Gordon Biersch with a Løiten Linje Aquavit chaser in celebration.