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Quakes Fans in Brazil - They Believe That USA will win (again).

A huge thanks to Quakes fans Phil Luna and Fredy Estrada, Frank Stranzl from the Earthquakes front office and Steve Wondolowski for allowing Center Line Soccer to share photos of their trip to Brazil. Quakes forward Chris Wondolowski and the 2014 US World Cup Squad face Portugal in the Amazon rainforest Sunday at 3 PM PDT (ESPN) - a win will see them through to the knockout round.

You are my Wondo.

Phil Luna' s "You are my Wondo" sign first made an appearance at the US v South Korea game, a game that saw Earthquakes forward Chris Wondolowski score a brace. Phil ripped off the sponsor's logo and broke out the super thick Sharpie to write out the first line of the Earthquakes fans' favorite song: You are my Wondo, my Wondolowski, you make me happy, when skies are gray, you'll never know Chris, how much we love you, please don't take my Wondo away"(Sing brightly to the tune of "You are my Sunshine").

Many of the photos in this gallery include the well-traveled sign, and both Phil and the sign are now famous: they both appeared on ESPN during the Ghana game, and even garnered a Tweet from Wondo's wife. In Natal, Chris saw the sign and pointed as the team came over to thank the USA section. "He's such a cool guy. That's amazing to get a USA player to say what's up to you in the stands at the World Cup. Amazing".

Phil sums it up "I understand how blessed I am to travel to all these games over the past few years and I know hundreds of Wondo fans who would love to be here, supporting him. So, #WondoSign really is now more than just a sign, and I think Wondo knows that as well. Its a symbol for everyone that can't make it to the games but its my way of being able to say, we, your fans, are all here to support you."

Stars and Stripes - all in one.

In support of the Unity part of the Earthquakes new motto: "Unity. Devotion. Heritage." Quakes Media Manager Frank Stranzl purchased a Stars and Stripes Onesie. Frank shared some of his hikes in Brazil, and one pre-game shot of said onesie before the US versus Ghana game. The match was played in the heat and humidity of Natal, and in the excitement of the early goal and late game winner, we have to wonder how much of a mistake the decision to wear it was. That probably explains the extra-hydrating beer. Probably.

The little boss.

Steve Wondolowski is also catching up on some beach time in Brazil, attending games with a clan of Wondolowskis. A soon as La Pequena Chifona (the little boss) and Chris Wondolowski's good luck charm, Emersyn arrived, Uncle Steve dressed her in the Brazil kit. #Wondodad John has pronounced himself game fit this morning in Manaus, and his anticipation is building in the rainforest, "... this is a special group of players and coaches - you know at the very least they will represent the USA with all of their heart and efforts."