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Check out our new digs: Center Line Soccer + SB*NATION

Center Line Soccer has joined the SB*NATION network of sport sites!

June 4th, 2014. Today is a big day for Center Line Soccer!


For the last several months, Center Line Soccer has been scheming with SB*NATION to launch a new website to cover the San Jose Earthquakes and soccer in the Bay Area. We finally have finished all the hard work behind the scenes and went live today in our new home!

The QuakeRattleAndGoal team has rolled together with the Center Line Soccer team to combine efforts. Our combined Center Line Soccer staff will work extra hard to bring you the best soccer news, interviews, insights, and of course photography for your San Jose Earthquakes and other soccer teams in our beloved Bay Area.

About our new logo: This year, the San Jose Earthquakes rebranded, and we were planning a re-launch of our website inside of SBN. This allowed us to re-think our design to act as an intersection between SBN and the Quakes. The logo combines some of the visual cues from the new Quakes logo, like the blue and black stripes, and highlights the Center Line around the ball, with a grass field visible on one side. It is a roundel, like all of the SBN logos, and uses a art-deco styled ball to match the design asthetic of other SBN sites. Think of our logo as a "visual intersection" of the Quakes, Center Line Soccer, and SB*NATION. We really love it and hope you do to!

On behalf of all of us at Center Line Soccer, we are really excited about our new home and look forward to providing a great place for Quakes fans!

Go Quakes!!