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Prior Sunday's October 18 MLS matches, I'd like to give a quick overview of who to root for to increase our beloved Quakes chances to make the playoffs. Even with a win against Sporting KC, we still depend on other teams to drop points this Sunday or the following week.


Let us first take a look at our nearest playoff neighboors in Portland Timbers. The Timbers are currently tied on points (we hold the 2nd tie breaker of GD) with the Quakes but have a game in hand versus (hated) LA Galaxy. If the TImbers are able to beat the Galaxy that'll put us in a very tenacious situation where we would need an absolutely must win versus-contenders FC Dallas AND hope that Timbers losses against Colorado at Providence Park (in my opnion, this is the most unlikely scenario)

If Timbers tie Galaxy, the Quakes will NEED to win against Dallas AND hope that Timbers tie Colorado in the last game of the season.

In the best cast scenario, Galaxy beat Timbers at Stub Hub. In this scenario, the Quakes just need to match Portland's result unless Portland puts up at least a 9-0 result against Colorado (highly unlikely considering Portland's scoring results).

To reiterate, the Quakes are into the playoffs with a (I prefer) a Timbers lost AND a a Quakes win against Dallas.


If for some reason Portland were to win their next two games, we would need to have Sounders drop points in both their next two games. Sounders would need to at least lose one and tie the other.

If we lose against Dallas, we will NOT make the playoffs (assuming Portland wins all their games-to get a deeper look, look at relevant results for Portland above.)

If Seattle losses one AND ties one AND Quakes beat FC Dallas, the Quakes are in the playoffs.


Same scenario as with Sounders but KC CANNNOT win another game.

Please comment if you have any questions and I'l try to answer them asap.


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