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Valentine's Day cards from your favorite San Jose Earthquakes

For the second straight year, you can get your #QuakesLove on.

Tommy Thompson on the tom toms
Tommy Thompson on the tom toms
courtesy of San Jose Earthquakes

There is an air of excitement in San Jose these days, what with a brand-new stadium signaling the dawn of a new era of Earthquakes soccer. The good feelings are such that even opponents on the soccer field may have the urge to turn and hug their marker.

And now the Quakes players are getting involved, helping those that need that little extra push to ask their beloved to be their Valentine. New faces like Tommy Thompson will surely make your significant other swoon; even older ones like Chris Wondolowski -- the longest tenured Earthquake! -- know just how wonderful you are.

No need to scour the Internet for all the Earthquakes Valentine's Day cards. We've collected all of this year's and last year's in one handy location. Download them, print them, email them, message them -- do whatever it is you need to do to make your Valentine's Day filled with #QuakesLove.

Thompson Valentine

Wondolowski Valentine
Bernardez Valentine One

Pierazzi Valentine

Jahn Valentine

Koval Valentine

Stewart Valentine

Lenhart Valentine

Bernardez Valentine Two

Awesome job by the digital team at the San Jose Earthquakes for these Valentine's Day cards!