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Clarence Goodson offers free tickets to preseason Cali Clasico at Avaya Stadium

What would you do for four free tickets to a Quakes game?

Goodson goes out of his way to get fans to Avaya Stadium
Goodson goes out of his way to get fans to Avaya Stadium
Maciek Gudrymowicz | Center Line Soccer

Clarence Goodson, who made his first preseason start for the San Jose Earthquakes in a 1-0 victory over NorCal rivals Sacramento Republic last weekend, is finally back from an injury suffered last summer that cut short his 2014 season. And it appears that the 32 year old center back is happy to be back.

Goodson, along with the rest of his Quakes teammates, will open Avaya Stadium this Saturday with a preseason clash with LA Galaxy. Ticket sales were capped at 10,000 for the debut event at the Earthquakes new stadium, and a sell-out crowd is expected, but Goodson managed to snag four seats to the game and is giving them away to a lucky Quakes fan.

The catch: Entrants need to get on Twitter and let the Quakes defensive captain know exactly why they deserve the tickets. Goodson said he will determine the winner of the tickets, which were provided to him by the Golden State Brewery, at random ahead of Saturday's preseason Cali Clasico.

We all know who Clarence Goodson is, so who, or what, is the Golden State Brewery? According to its Twitter profile, "GSB is a reflection of the diversity of CA. The tradition of the west coast spirit ensures crafting flavorful, unique, local beers everyone can enjoy!" Its profile also states San Jose as its hometown, and its website has announced that the first offering from GSB will be an award-winning Heritage Honey Ale.

Soccer and beer -- that goes together is wonderfully as peanut butter and jelly. So where can we find this delicious sounding addition to the local craft brewing scene? Will it be served at the Largest Outdoor Bar in North America? Again, with details still the be discovered, we are left with this enticing clue:

Quakes fans, no doubt, can't wait either!