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San Jose Earthquakes to unveil secondary jersey on March 3 as part of MLS Jersey Week

Speculation centers around a predominantly white jersey design

Arturo Alvarez was on the Quakes the last time they featured a white jersey!
Arturo Alvarez was on the Quakes the last time they featured a white jersey!
via San Jose Earthquakes

Major League Soccer announced today the schedule for its individual team jersey unveiling as part of a week-long event called "MLS Jersey Week." All 20 teams will present new jerseys, home or away -- sometimes both -- as part of the event, now in its third year.

The San Jose Earthquakes, who unveiled two new jerseys last season as part of a complete rebranding of the club, will retain their primary blue and black design for one more season, but will unveil a new secondary -- also known as "away" -- jersey as part of the MLS event. Last year's secondary jersey, the all-red design, was in celebration of the club's 40th anniversary and has been retired.

The unveiling of the Quakes away jersey is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, March 3, at Avaya Stadium. The announcement from MLS did not indicate whether the event would be open to the public; an official announcement from the Earthquakes is forthcoming. The club is also actively seeking a jersey sponsorship deal, with the hope it can be secured before the start of the season.

Speculation as to the color of San Jose's new secondary jersey has centered on a predominantly white design with a splash or black or red accents. A photo posted on Twitter by the club's new equipment manager Andy Dunbar sparked the curiosity of Quakes fans desperate to know the new design. Some lettering visible in the photo has fueled the speculation that red would be the accent color, but there are plenty of black lettering name sets equally present.

The Earthquakes employed an all-white jersey in 2008 and 2009, paired with an all-black primary jersey. That away design was rarely used by San Jose, home or away, and in subsequent years was relegated to third jersey status in the club's wardrobe. Many supporters have clamored for the return of a black jersey, but that may have to wait at least another season -- new primary and secondary jerseys are to be used for two seasons, according to MLS guidelines. The Quakes current blue and black home jersey will undergo a redesign for the 2016 season.

Would a predominantly white jersey appeal to you? Will you miss the all-red commemorative jersey from last season? Want to see an all-black jersey return in the future? Be sure to share your ides in the comments section below.