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San Jose Earthquakes 2015 secondary kit leaked: Away jersey features all-white design

Secondary kit goes on sale noon on Friday at the team store at Avaya Stadium!

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An inverse design to the all-red 2014 away jersey
An inverse design to the all-red 2014 away jersey
via @Soccerdotcom

The long awaited release of the San Jose Earthquakes 2015 secondary jersey will have to wait until later this week, but a leaked photo of the primarily white away kit has surfaced to satisfy those eager to see the Quakes alternative look.

San Jose's primary jersey remains the same as before -- the blue shirt with black sleeve design that was very popular with fans in 2014. Last year's all-red jersey, a tribute to the club's 40th anniversary, was a one-year deal, and the new secondary kit for 2015 is essentially the inverse design of that strikingly beautiful look.

The leaked photo comes a day after the Earthquakes' tentatively scheduled kit launch, which a team spokesperson said would now likely come later this week, and matches the speculation that many fans have posited online and via social media.

In fact, the new away jersey was already for sale at one online retailer, though it was later listed as unavailable. The "SJ74" patch at the bottom of the jersey is also a very nice touch, as is the team's founding date screened inside the jersey behind the badge.

While the reason for the delay in launching the secondary kit was not given, the likely reasons centers around the club's search for a jersey sponsor. Comments by Earthquakes president Dave Kaval earlier in the offseason stated that he'd like to see a sponsorship deal secured ahead of the start of the 2015 season. This wasn't a hard deadline by any means, but being able to announce a new shirt sponsor along with the release of the away jersey was certainly desirable.

Now, with the delay of the kit launch -- now looking more like it will be outside of the MLS Jersey Week celebration currently under way throughout the league -- San Jose may still be able to meet the implied goal of a jersey sponsorship before the season kicks off. In recent weeks, potential sponsors have had their names splashed across the Avaya Stadium ribbon scoreboard and on jersey mock-ups displayed on the LOBINA display. As of Tuesday, there was no news to report on progress on this front.

Are you excited for the Earthquakes' new away jersey? Ready to complement your Blue-and-Black with an All-White kit? Still waiting for a jersey word-mark before splashing the cash on a new souvenir? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.