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San Jose Earthquakes greats Wondolowski and Wynalda discuss first-ever MLS goal

One of the best of the past talks to the best of the present.

Eric Wynalda knows something about scoring goals. After all, the U.S. men's national team legend knew how to get it done for his country to the tune of 34 goals in his international career. He also knows about scoring goals as a professional, netting the first-ever goal in MLS history.

And now, the San Jose Clash legend, who serves as a commentator at Fox Soccer, had the chance to sit down with San Jose Earthquakes superstar Chris Wondolowski to talk about it.

That inaugural match back in 1996, which seemed headed to a scoreless draw until Wynalda made history, was attended by a young Wondo. Yes, the connection between past and present was forged at sold-out Spartan Stadium that afternoon, and serves as a link between two of the most important figures in club lore as San Jose gets ready to start the 20th season of MLS.

Wynalda scored 21 goals during his four season with the Clash -- and before that he scored five times for the Bay Area Blackhawks -- but that pales in comparison to the 89 goals Wondolowski has scored in his Earthquakes career. It even seems a foregone conclusion that Wondo will eclipse the century mark, maybe by this summer.

Both men are legends in San Jose soccer. The only question remaining: Who will have a statue of himself erected outside Avaya Stadium first?

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