Quake's Avaya Bathroom Bottleneck Responsible For Missed Match Minutes?

While waiting to watch the Quakes play again at Avaya Stadium, the LOBINA crack investigative team uncovers THE cause of long lines coursing out into the Concourses:

Avaya Bathroom Bottleneck

Yes, Mr./Ms. Kimberly-Clark, "Professional": the long pause between producing partial sheets of paper not only prevent people from quickly returning to their seats or the bar to watch the match and cheer on the Quakes, but your slow rolling requires an ever-growing group of people to gather in a sink-side semi-circle, stare at the dispenser, and hold their wet hands out to drip on someone else's shoes.


Let's speed up the scrolling and get our fans back at the bar, and up in the stands, as fast as we can so we can all cheer on the Quakes without wiping our hands on our girl/boyfriend's flannel, on our baby's blanket, or on our grandma's Best jersey.

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