WEEK 10: Within-grasp Quakes win gassed by late Houston goal, but crazy commentators carry the day.

For HOUvSJ, LOBINA visits LOBOTI: the Longest Online Bar On The Internet.

On paper, they’re perfect: Mr. Sandoval & Mr. Caligiuri have the veteran sports background, the Spanish language, and the announcing experience to provide a quality English-language broadcast on the SAP channel for Univision’s Friday-night MLS matches.

On air, their childish descriptions, name mis-pronounciations and mis-identifications, and unexplainable absences for chunks of on-air time provide one of the better drinking games for MLS matches.

(Much better than the previous "Down a bottle of whiskey when a MLS ref issues a game-sinking card/penalty anytime between 1’ and final whistle.")

The Rules:

And after 5 full minutes of silence on the broadcast:

You don't have to WATCH Friday Night MLS on Univision when the Quakes aren't playing, but at least listen in and laugh along with large amounts of liquor.

But just so we can end on a quality note:

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