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Photo Gallery: San Jose Earthquakes mascot Q

Enjoy this photo gallery of Q, past and present

The San Jose Earthquakes mascot, known as Q, as a furry blue creature that is said to have been born in the great Earthquake of 1906. His shock of silver hair and always agape smile make Q a curiosity at most Earthquakes games. He has a penchant for running on the field with a large banner prior to games, and sometimes at halftime likes to turn the giant center circle into a "Q" with some disappearing foam.

Q has always been a fan-favorite with the younger crowd, and it can be seen roaming the concourses at Avaya Stadium in search of its next photo opportunity. And when the Earthquakes hold a special promotional night, Q will alter his appearance just enough to celebrate the occasion.

Starting in early 2016, Q's appearance took a turn to a more energized form. His trademark grin became just a little more pronounced, and his limbs seemed to bulge out a little bit more. Had Q been working out over the 2016 off-season? It certainly looks that way!