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SNAP SHOTS: Sunshine & Supporters Light Up Avaya As Quakes Win Season Starter

Quakes Kick Off the Season AT HOME with Great Goals, Super Screams, Deep Drinks, Towering Trumpets, & Fast-Paced Paper Towels.

At the end of an awesome Opening Day at Avaya, what more needs be said?
At the end of an awesome Opening Day at Avaya, what more needs be said?

Week One: #SJvCOL

From Avaya Stadium, the amazing new home of the San Jose Earthquakes, LOBINA--the Largest Outdoor Bar In North America--is back (actually never moved) to serve local drinks & insights, swap soccer stories, support all supporters, juice all journos, & revel in all things Black, Blue, & #Quakes74

Welcome back, Quakes fans!

After the angst of attempting to follow San Jose into the preseason desert, we are FINALLY able to support our team in person at our awesome home: Avaya Stadium.

Many were worried about the weather, as the forcast called for a wet, wet weekend.  However, apparently the Front Office used some of the GAM-for-TAM trade money to buy some designated sunshine for #SJEvCOL

While last year fans were greeted at the gates by a Bradley Fighting Vehicle, this year saw a slightly more comfortable ride in pair of Beemers:

Rumor has next year sporting either a Segway or Hoverboard, though most Quakes fans would most appreciate a tunnel to the Santa Clara Caltrain station.

Speaking of getting revved, Ted Ramey, Voice of the Quakes on 1590 KLIV, warms up with what he claims is coffee on the morning of the match:

This year Quakes fans can enjoy even more earth-rocking radio: Ted hosts "The Soccer Hour" every Wednesday at 7pm on KNBR 1050, with archived podcasts here.  Guests on the first two shows include American play-by-play announcer JP Dellacamera, Quakes legend / color commentator Chris Dangerfield, USWNT icon / SCU alum Brandi Chastain, & USMNT / UCLA Bruin 'keeper Brad Friedel.

While many enjoy tailgating out in the lots, some wander into Avaya early to soak up the suds, sunshine, & soccer spirituality of our super stadium:

Quakes fans across California were pumped up & ready for the season to start.  Down in San Diego, Ari's excitement mirrors our own before the match.

And, as our Captain Chris Wondolowski shared, even Gattuso got his Game Face on:


Parking lots open three hours before kickoff.  While you can always party all by yourself, why not join one of the awesome supporters groups to eat, drink, & share our Quakes love & community?

SJ ULTRAS gather in the Silver Lot, while THE FAULTLINECASBAH, & IMPERIO SISMICO rock the Gold Lot.

You can't miss them.

Henry Espinoza, main organizer of Imperial Sismico, spoke to LOBINA about the pan-Americas supporter group:

LOBINA:  Has the membership grown?
Henry:  I’d say so.
LOBINA:  Because last year you were always packing in your section…
Henry:  That’s true.  We’ve been growing slowly, and a lot of people are coming in right now, but it is.
LOBINA:  Does having Quintero come in, and Godoy…
Henry:  Oh, definitely!  Pumps up a lot of us.  All we need is one Mexican.  All we need is one Mexican, and that’s it.  Would make us complete.
LOBINA:  Like Vela?
Henry:  Like Vela!  Just throwing it out there.
LOBINA:  Anybody else?
Henry:  I would love to have… there’s a few players in Liga MX who I think would be good here.  Hercules Gomez would be great—he’s got no team!
LOBINA:  Why not?

Imperio Sismico definitely makes an entrance, rocking out Brazilian-made drums & shrill trumpets:

While most enjoy the passion and color Imperio Sismic bring to Avaya, some fellow Quakes fans apparently play Mr. Poopypants:

Imperio Sismic do take it very seriously, and craft their own sound to show support for San Jose, a team with deep, deep roots in our Spanish-speaking communities.

They also served up some solid tifo:

And is the sound any worse than a shrill screaming supporter?

Almost as hard on the ears as a Justin Bieber concert.

Let's enjoy the many ways we all show support for the Quakes.

And just be happy vuzuvellas at barred at the gates.


This 2016 Colorado Rapids team is not last year's bottom dwellers, playing a very organized and attacking style of soccer. As many noted, it was a very physical match:

However, both teams seemed to be easing into the season, without many serious shots on goal.  Most action mucked in the middle, allowing this pidgeon full run of the sideline:


While many of our fine Quakes journalists really enjoy the air conditioned Press Box with it's fab view & private bathrooms, once in awhile they descend to mingle among us mere mortals.  Here's Dan of fame in action:

Remember, if you see any of our Quakes writers & photographers, buy them a beer!
Or give them a hug.
Or a big beer hug.

Because most of them are getting paid peanuts (or not at all) for their wonderful work, & they could really use a quality brew.


International Quakes Love:

TT Tweeny Problems:

Rapid thoughts on the 2H:

We do have to recognize that Colorado, after conceding that Wondo-ful goal, turned on the steam & kicked the game into high gear, especially during the final 20 minutes.  Without some stunning Bingham saves we would have repeated last season's tie.

Instead we rocked out Three Points & a Souvenir, either a pin:

Or a signing from a stylin' Geez:

It's a win-win-win situation!


Soon after our 1-0 win over Colorado, LOBINA received a challenge from some shady bar at Providence Park:

That penalty shootout last playoffs was pretty crazy, with the double-post "save" the colorful umbrella in the cocktail.  But given that we're both bars, not sure how DPB would "take" LOBINA in a shootout.

Plus, we're pretty good at stopping balls ourselves, with many a Bernárdez blast without a single broken bottle, as well as trapping this J.J. Koval rocket:

So bring it on, "Double Post Bar."
And feel free to enjoy a beer at LOBINA while you're here watching #SJvPOR on Sunday.
Because at Avaya, you can do both.

Speaking of bars, after Quakes fans get escorted out of Avaya & slog your way out of the parking lots, stop on by Golden State Brewery for a post-match pint:

A Black & Blue bar with quality brews, an outdoor patio, & plenty of space for Quakes fans to mingle & to buy beer for journalists like The Aftershock's Colin Etnire (shown here demonstrating his "Claw" technique for grabbing amazing interviews with Quakes players & coaches). See you after #SJvPOR on Sunday!

Sunday will be a tough match against probably the best current team in MLS, so bring the NOISE in all forms of Quakes love.
For inspiration, we'll leave you with a damn good song: