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Quakes Fans Soak Up Water-Logged Win

Raining champs Portland Timbers cut down by Wondo-ful scalpel incision, then pulped by Quincy-Time perfection.

Quincy golazo, goatee bests Borcher beard, title-defending Timbers
Quincy golazo, goatee bests Borcher beard, title-defending Timbers
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports


Rain can’t stop soccer.

Though it does slow down Quakes fans--still recovering from a mid-60's sunny winter--from filling Avaya for a match against the reigning MLS champ Portland Timbers.  While the match was officially still a sell-out, quite a few spotty patches appeared in the stands. To be fair, many fans were under the stands, much like Santa Clara Niners fans fleeing from the sun at Levi's--with the difference being Quakes fans can actually still watch the game.

The Quakes faithful that did slog out to support soggy San Jose soccer filled Avaya with spirit & song that easily drowned out the solid section of away supporters up in 101--most of whom are Portland-transplant Bay Area residents who, for this one match, trade in their Black & Blues for being buried in Timbers Green.

After rains pummeled the pitch all day Saturday and most of Sunday morning:

Quakes fans needed little hyperbole to describe the stormy conditions at Avaya:

Which made selecting the Drink of the Match Day rather easy:

Speaking of Timbers Green, the Earthquakes Front Office decided to make this match the "St. Patrick's Day Celebration" with green beer flowing from the taps, smells of corned beef & cabbage sitting in the stands, and not a single Quakes fan wearing green.
(Except for aforementioned Portland ex-pats)

Lineup & Predictions:

[SPOILER ALERT! Rumor has it Brother spitefully substituted apple slices for fries]

As always, Ted Ramey is in the house & on radio:

Don't forget that Ted also hosts The Soccer Hour Wednesday nights at 7pm on KNBR 1050, as well as broadcasts many interviews with Quakes legend Joe Cannon throughout the week, such as the lastest on Godoy's personality & play shaping the Quakes character.

Despite the rainy weather (or perhaps because of it), even visiting Portland fans had some props for Avaya:

And, predictably, also some poops from Portland fans:

The "Portland Incident" of August 2013--a low point in the long, proud history of Quakes supporters--still rankles Timbers fans & continues to ripple throughout MLS communities.  It seems the move to Avaya has improved more than the pitch & stands: the San Jose Ultras and other supporters groups have been wonderfully positive the past year-plus, & players & fans alike very much appreciate the passion & energy awash in Avaya & away.


It seems as if Q has tested positive, too:

Even Q's beefed up over the offseason.
Bodes well for the boys (& whatever Q is) on the pitch.

Speaking of mascots, Borschers beware! Quakes brought our own kick-ass beard:

First Half

From a man who knows his saturated grass:

It was so wet--HOW WET WAS IT?--It was so wet it was even noticed as far away as Poland:

While we didn't have the Wet Away White Kit Contest this match, we did get a glimpse of the crack in Valeri's armor:

Portland fans travel well though very very quiet:

While most view the pitch as half-full, some saw the Quakes field an empty bucket:

John Terry to Chris Wondolowski: "Your movement is incredible"

Wondo goal from lower supporters section:

Wondo goal from Ultras stands:

Wondo goal such a gut punch it left skid marks in Portland's lower third:

On this week in "Well, Duh": Wondo scores, rain is wet, balls are round, & Ultras' shirts are off:

Quakes rocking amazing plays on both sides of the pitch!  Props to Goodson’s amazing sliding block on Adi:

For the record, only reporters and his mother calls him Clarence.  A man of the earth, most call him "Clay."

And just before halftime... HOLY SHIT!

Portland fans know their wood, & they know their balls:

For the first time in long while, National MLS media lifted head, cocked ears & head in pleasant surprise at anything Quakes:

Quincy flutters a Butterfly Ball in San Jose, a tsunami washes over the soccer world:

Even Quincy's reps had slip some shade:

Portland HT recap:

Wondo spritely in 2nd half:

Props to Imperio Sismico:

Gotta love them Quincy Vaselinas:

Portland scores

2-1 88’


Amarikwa goal animated:

With the rains easing up at the end of the match, Quakes fans went home wet, warm, & with WIN PIN #2

Unfortunately, crazy parking problems continue into 2016:


From the opposition:

Quakes Faith will see you through the rain:

On to LA!