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Aftershock: Rivalry Week Recap

Two "Aftershock" pods deal with the aftermath of San Jose's 3-1 capitulation in the latest edition of the California Clásico, including a game-tape breakdown and a conversation with LAG Confidential's Sean Steffen about his beef with the club's stats.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

A week on, it's a little bit easier for Quakes fans to deal with the angst of a 3-1 loss to eternal rivals LA Galaxy in which they did little to inspire confidence in future results. Facing a rare international break that MLS respects, "The Aftershock" punctuates the boredom with two new pods.

In the first pod below, I break down the game film and analyzes what fans have to be worried (or hopeful) about, as well as reviewing some news from the youth ranks and international call-ups.

In the second pod, LAG Confidential managing editor Sean Steffen joins the pod to defend this article (and respond to my response to it) and talk about what he sees in the Quakes from a statistical perspective.

"The Aftershock," the only media podcast dedicated to the San Jose Earthquakes, is hosted by Colin Etnire and is entering its second season. You can find out more about the podcast at