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Avaya Stadium offers enhanced dining menu for 2016 MLS season

Seismic burgers and sausages highlight new menu items

San Jose Earthquakes

While the San Jose Earthquakes came up just short in their campaign to qualify for the postseason last year, the organization earned high marks for the inaugural season of their new home, Avaya Stadium. And with the facility's sophomore year about to begin, there will be no slump in its offerings.

Already a destination for fine food and drink options -- from the line of gourmet food trucks that flank one side of the fan epicenter to the large looming LOBINA dishing out drinks on the other side -- Avaya already had a variety of options to satisfy any palette. But stadium staff were not content to sit on their laurels, and 2016 will feature even more.

As part of a preseason tour of the stadium and its many upgrades, the many new food items were available for sampling, and some really stood out as hands-down winners.

The Seismic Burger -- Featuring a generously sized Angus beef patty and topped with breaded jalapeno peppers, this new burger was very popular on the tour. It will be served up at the grill next to the BMW gate -- LOBINA patrons will get their exercise in traveling cross-stadium -- and would go perfect with all the available accouterments.

Polska Kielbasa Sausages -- Mouthwatering in every way possible. these super sausages servings have been added to the existing dog pile of delights. Topped with plenty of grilled onions, your stomach will thank you, even if those sitting in your general vicinity will not.

Vegan Pizza -- No longer limited to pepperoni and cheese toppings on their pizzas, Quakes fans that eschew those chewy cheesy slices of pie can feast on a vegan alternative. Plenty of veggies are piled on these pizzas.

Fruit Cup with Honey-Yogurt Dip -- Because you know you should (especially after noshing on a Seismic Burger!), concessions will also offer a tall-boy of fruit this season. The optimal dessert for those that don't make their way to the Twisted Chill ice-cream truck in the fan epicenter, fruit is always a great choice.


Avaya Stadium will not only feature these new food offerings (and a few more that you'll find along the concourses, but it will also boast a beer menu surpassing 51 varieties. With 16 regular season games scheduled for Avaya Stadium this year, that provides ample opportunity to try them all. Of course, be sure to befriend a designated transportation provider before you do!

What do you think of the new food and drink options available at Avaya Stadium this season. Any additions you'd like to see concessionaires make as we continue through the 2016 season? Be sure to share your ideas and suggestions in the comments section below.