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Quakes Score Six Over Back-to-Back Matches: DAL v SJE 2-2, SJE v NYRB 2-0

Time to power up Paint / Photoshop & fill in some Thought Balloons for this San Jose starting XI against NYRB, April 12.

Comcast SportsNet spared Quakes fans from witnessing a Frisco "Shoot Self In Foot" by bumping the match replay until 11PM. Thank goodness for Golden State Brewery.

The midweek match against NYRB at Avaya sparked grungy Quakes magic, Wondo goal #114, & a 2-0 win.


Comcast Sport Network Bay Area's decision to bump FC Dallas v San Jose to a 5-hour late replay resulted in much frustration for cable subscribers:

The soccer gods, however, had a small measure of revenge on CSN:

Apparently quite a few people signed up for MLS Direct Kick just to watch that one Quakes match. Others went down to viewing parties at Golden State Brewery or Rookies (featuring celebrity guest barkeep Marc Pelosi).  Many listen to Ted Ramey & Joe Cannon on old-timey on 1590 KLIV:


More & more base-line excitement at each successive lineup. Instead of people groaning about the 1/2 of the lineup that act as cement boots, Quakes fans are half-wincing at a decent left back instead of Super Geez.  We're even back to a constant, quality attacking pair  up top:

As evidenced by this lovely weighted pass into Wondo for goal #114:

Equitible commentary (non-inronic?)

Let's just revel in that Wondo goal again:

Sports Illustrated national soccer sportswriter Grant Wahl served up the cold hard truth:

According to the bathroom-stall writing that constitutes an online commentary, apparently a lot of World Cup-only watching are not ready to set Wondo "free".
No matter that both Dempsey & Jones also missed perfectly-served goal opportunities--served by whom?

[Photo: Jonathan Ferrey]

Hopefully Wondo's mad scoring skillz & loyalty to club & supporters throughout a quality career will triumph over online trolls as well.

Speaking of, the soccer gods can troll just as well:

Quakes so good we can work both ends of the pitch.


But you know Quakes are getting better when fans post:

Just remember that when you tweet Quakes players, they 1) read it & 2) get muthafrackin heartbroken:

And there's always a Mr. Poopy Q Poopypants:

On the post-game plus side:

Just to put things in perspective, and see how far Quakes have come in 4 years, in terms of team, stadium, inspirational effect, & growing fan base:

And looking to the future:

Flush Forward a Few Days:


After a month of developing quality, possession-based build up play, Quakes decided to brush up on the nuance of Route 1 rock 'n jock peppered with caveman crosses & Goonie-time game-winning headers.

Or something in between.

Quakes definitely played more direct against a depleted Red Bull side, but still showed flashes of the fancy footwork & forward thinking. And a win is a win.

On a mid-week match night that competed against the Golden State Warriors beating the best league record in NBA history, as well as Kobe Bryant's final night as a Laker, many thought Avaya would show more silent seats than fans. But not only was a chilly Wednesday night an official sellout, but most seats were filled, & with very vocal fans as well (especially after Grella touched our Tommy! )


The Ultras have moved their tailgate from the Silver Lot to the Iron Horse Lot:

From Avaya, just walk towards the train tracks in the direction of our former home at Buck Shaw.  When you hit the fence (or smell of port-a-potties), you're there!
Plus: More open space to bbq / knock a soccer ball around before a match.
Minus: Kicking a ball over the fence is a federal off-fence for interfering with railroad operations.

Let Them Eat Gate

Apparently, some rich dudes complained they missed seeing Eric Wynalda score in loafers at #SJEvDCU, probably because they showed up 5 minutes before & expected to breeze through the West Gate (sponsored by "ATS": Above The Salt).

So, for the first time in Avaya history, this sign greeted supporters at West Gate:

Many supporters of all classes have used this gate since the first match. And given the constipated logjam that security creates at the main gate, all hope this gate remains open to all supporters, no matter their tax bracket.
Or is Avaya going to build a tunnel from the VIP ATS Gate all the way over to the "Special Seating" now being sectioned off in front of LOBINA? Don't want the rich dudes to have to walk among the fans to get to their terrace bunkers!

No matter what, with the new "security" measures starting #SJEvSKC, everyone should show up a little earlier to cover your (cl)ass.

Supporters Section Services Quakes Fans Of All Ages:

Cheers to one of our youngest Ultras!

"I'm so excited by that cross to Alashe's goal I just MPG'ed my pants!!"

One day, little Q, if you keep cheering on the Quakes each & every match, one day--if you're lucky!--you'll grow up to one of these fine fans:

Oz & the Salinas Crew in the house!
First Avaya matches for friends on left & right of the magnificent mustachioed Oz.

(& very conscientious of them to pick up so many used beer cups, too!)

While LOBINA serves people of every age, color, class, gender, background (even supporters of other teams! Nobel Prize alert!), we're always happiest when serving Black & Blue locals:

LOBINA serves the Kool Aid that leads to scenes like this:

Nuff said.