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Past & Present Clash, Draw San Jose Supporters to Avaya

Having Eric Wynalda and '96 Clash in the house was enough, but solid Tommy Thompson start, MPG Tasmanian Devil performance, and quality attacking football--capped by unlikely Adam Jahn near-Goonie Time equalizing goal--left fans euphoric beyond the 1-1 scoreline.

Q of a Qind: Newly ripped Q congratulates proud 6x papa & Clash legend Eric Wynalda after he recreated his 1996 SJvDC winning goal--while wearing loafers--before SJvDC April 2, 2016.
Q of a Qind: Newly ripped Q congratulates proud 6x papa & Clash legend Eric Wynalda after he recreated his 1996 SJvDC winning goal--while wearing loafers--before SJvDC April 2, 2016.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports


In honor of the fabulous Clash crest, the Drink Of The Match (DOTM):

We’ve come a long way, baby:

That hat is 20-times older than LOBINA:

At least LOBINA is washed before every match.

A definite '90's buzz (or grunge) energized Avaya, from phat pixelated graphics on the Big Board, to Pearl Jam even flowing from the speakers.  You know you're going to rock & roll (all night) when Q give you the Quakes74 KISS:

Clash merch sold out faster than Q clears pitch invaders, generating envy across the globe:


Hey! Who's that muscled-up young man in the Starting IX?


That look: the last thing defenders see before the TT Hype Train blows by them.

Ultras roar approval, with contractually-mandated shirtless dude up top.

It was a wee bit chilly up there.
Which didn't stop some from enjoying her shaved ice:

Acutally, there was a FREEZING COLD WIND ripping through the top walkway, but great EARTH – QUAKES chant rolls around the stadium as a plane lands 500 yards away.

While many local longtime fans prayed to the soccer gods that the Quakes would wear the classic Clash kits, instead San Jose sported away white/reds modified with Clash "celery" colored numbers and striped socks.

While San Jose showed great attacking play--sparked by an inspired, energetic MPG--and dominated the first half, somehow DC United floated a cross in that Nyarko power-headed past Bingham.

No problem, as all the supporters behind Bingham poured out their passion:

Halftime: 0-1

To match a melancholy mood, the lights went out along Beers of the World Way:


In a nutshell:

Thank you, Adam Jahn, for deciding to score your first 2016 goal to rescue a point.

Some Imperiale love from one San Jose to ours:

When you go all in for the Wynne:

Speaking of Win-Win situations:

Quakes haven’t offered goalkeeper jerseys for sale, but @SaintTaco707 traded @esperanza_703 to @BinghamDb in exchange for a jersey.

Looks like someone found a "keeper"!

[Just Joking! St. Taco & Ms. E are continuing to spend quality Quakes time together, which allows Mr. David "Third Wheel" Bingham to concentrate on his own ball-handling for San Jose.


Q tempted those fickle soccer gods / Quakes74 karma by winning the MLS Mascot contest:

When contacted for comment, LA Galaxy thing Cosmo merely mooned us, which in it's extraterrestrial language means, "Massive props, love, and respect."*

(*Google Translate)

They would protect your arm more when clotheslining pitch invaders.
[Legal Dept. just popped in to say Q puppets are not endorsements to clothesline pitch invaders. Or anyone else. Even Cosmo.]

#DALvSJE Preview:

As CSNBA posted, "Quakes offense coming to life." And San Jose is going to Texas to play the best team in the league: a very dynamic, attacking Dallas FC squad.

HOWEVER!  CSNBA chose to show A’s vs Mariners over #DALvSJE, and chose Arizona vs Sharks over Quakes on CSN+, so MLSLive or 1590 KLIV is you're only options.

CSNBA will show replay at 11PM, unless A's go extra innings, right after "SportNet Central", CSNBA's recap / highlight show.  No need to worry about spoilers if you tune in early, as Feldy & Fareed never report on the Quakes anyway.

Wonder if CSNBA is going to do the right thing and stream the match live on the website?
(They do for Warrior games!)

Yet even in the Black of night there's a Blue flame of hope:

Ultras & the Aftershock!
All ages welcome, great beer, shirts optional.

As close as you're going to get to a home match.

At least until Wednesday 4/13 when we take on New York Red Bulls!