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Wondo PKs SKC 1-0 w/ MLS Goal #116

Quakes dodge a in-the-box RC-&-PK bullet, then go ahead with Wondo's PK & 116th MLS goal. Then he celebrates postmatch with Bingham, a Golden State Brew, & the SJ Ultras at their 13th anniversary party.

Not even Saint Zuzi can stop USMNT teammate "Wondowlowski" from scoring his 116th MLS goal.
Not even Saint Zuzi can stop USMNT teammate "Wondowlowski" from scoring his 116th MLS goal.
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Week 7: SJvSKC

Drink Of The Match:

Getting to the Game:

The big news: MLS adopts "No Fun League Security Procedures".

Is there a Fast Pass to this newest Disneyland ride?

Why yes!
Pay more money & you can access the Western "Above the Salt" Gate:

Yes, that is the gate closest to the supporters sections, and supporters have been using it since match day #1.
Just walk through like you belong & you're in there like swimwear!

According to a FO source, 2015 Season Ticket Holder Quakes Backpacks will be "grandfathered" in for the 2016 season: "We worked really hard with MLS to get that."
So keep carrying the STH bags (without umbrellas) with your one water bottle (sealed) into Avaya throughout 2016!

Supporters Don't Sit:

Earlier SJ Earthquakes Front Office announced that part of LOBINA terraces would be blocked off & "premium" service provided, basically trading 100's of General Admission terrace supporters space for 10's of Above The Salt exclusive seating.

Given the sellout of premium boxes & suites, not a bad money-driven FO move. As GoldenBallZen on r/SJEarthquakes summed up:

$167 per person (in a group of 6) you get near-pitch-side seats, a private table, dedicated server, dedicated security (with body cameras), food, drink, & "status" (guaranteed to be on TV, & easily identifiable to family & friends!). Pitch-side seats near center boxes are $155 for SJEvSKC, & few left. No-brainer for FO. If I had $167 and/or 6 friends I'd be there in a... Hella no! Part of soccer--for me--is standing on the terraces with fellow supporters.

However, as of SJvSKC there were NO Reserved Table on LOBINA terraces!

There were rumors about Imperio Sismico, Faultliners, & Casbah moving to the LOBINA terraces, which would create supporter section excitement at both ends of the pitch, & allow for Call & Response, rather than the cacophony of now.

With 50 supporters (at $20/ticket) needed to occupy the same space as 6 "premier" ticket holders ($1000 / table), hard to see FO actively encouraging supporters groups to move to LOBINA terraces.


Soon after kickoff, the quality of play became readily apparent:

And while Quakes play was not pretty on the pitch, in the BIG PICTURE of things:

Bingham continued his fab form & #USMNT-worthy performance:

1st Half Highlights:

Let’s just jump to the SECOND HALF:

Constant 2016 MLS Theme: REFS SUCK

Peter Vermes not so happy:

SKC Fan Analysis:

Time to pull out the old Bernárdez Bingo cards!


Post-Match Madness:

Apparently, St. Zuzi transcends all MLS boundries:

And SKC fans do silly things at Avaya:


SKC fans coming outta the Bay Area woodwork:

Not surprising, given the thousands who have migrated to the Bay Area over the past few years. Seems like every match a few Quakes fans pull on their "home" jerseys just for the day. Next match against Seattle, just ask those seafoam-clad Flounder fans where they really live.

All part of the diversity of the Bay Area!

The real loser of SJvSKC: Marrufo & PROreferees:

No matter what, always great to meet the #Quakes74 twitter troops!
Healthy online community, both on twitter & reddit!


Would Kinnear act any other way?

First Wondo plays with his own kids:

Then his other kids:

Golden State Brew is a 5-minute drive north of Avaya, & the new home for Ultras pre/post/away match party.

SIDE NOTE: Given how often & awesome Bingham scores, it’s amazing how clean his sheets are.


Quakes Prez listened to fans, & finally offered 'keeper jerseys!  You'll still need to get "Bingham" lettered on them (available onsite) & embroider the two stars, but here they are!

And post-match Bingham came over to the Supporters Section to sign the new 'keeper kits:

No word on if Avaya will offer a Salon Service to craft Davy B. coiffures for supporters anytime soon.


And Q is ready to do color commentary:

Given that Comcast Sports Network doesn't even send the Quakes Call Crew of Anthony Passarelli & Chris Dangerfield to away matches, perhaps Q's Marcel Marceau-inspired play-by-play will have the last word.

Nah, we'll let Wondo call / order the next shot: