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Quakes get Turfed in Seattle

Keep your shirt on: even though San Jose had swaths of quality play from an unusual & makeshift lineup, the soccer gods gave the Quakes the finger, cursing the Black & Blue with a Red Card & a Wondo WTF missed PK. Dawkins' wondergoal almost wowed us into forgetting the defeat. Almost.

Seattle turf & spiteful soccer gods: things that make you go hmm...
Seattle turf & spiteful soccer gods: things that make you go hmm...
Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Week 9 – SEAvSJ

Drink Of The Match (DOTM):


Hard core #Quakes74 prep on the flight up to the Emerald City:

Tommy Takes Over Snapchat!

And Geez saves us all the trouble:

San Jose made their presence known right away in the Pacific Northwest:

Lineups came out a little late, & shaken up more than the earlier earthquake:

Seattle reaction:


CitiLink Field is usually a Sounders fortress, and even though the Quakes usually enjoy a certain degree of success, the rabid waves of seafoam green usually washout any Black & Blue.  But this time, the ULTRAS were in the house, & EVERYONE knew it:

Dempsey takes a break from his blossoming rap career to redirect a slice & dice passing combo in the box to the far side of goal & well out of Bingham's reach:

Some Flounder Fans, ignoring Demsey's less-than-Sounder performance for most the year, dared to compare Deuce with MLS' 2016 leading & 4th all-time goalscorer:

The Quakes had some quality chances, including a lovely through ball that picked the Seattle Defensive lock, & left Wondo 1-on-1 with the keeper, the ball at his feet, & only soccer gods or Seattle turf to thwart a sure goal:

Meanwhile, Sounders gonna Flounder:


The Ultras were singing & supporting--& keeping their shirts on--which didn't stop haters hating:


Although, that song might actually be not a bad idea.
A couple more "Seattle Smogs" & we'll be ready to rock it.

But LOBINA got the Ultras backs COVERED:

Because, Seattle.

Props for Dawkins:

Apparently, Sounders fans / MLSlive watchers "inflicted" by the silky-smooth sounds of CSN's Passereli & Dangerfield:


Dempsey, having already avoided yellows for 3-4 bookable offenses, throws a shit-fit. No card.



Given the incredible cross-pollination between Seattle & the San Francisco Bay Area, this was bound to happen:

It's ok.

We're all soccer fans.

And it's not like Seattle has a World Champion basketball team to support, so...

The beginning of the end:

King Deuce the Impudent reigns on:


What's more surprising: that San Jose actually got a penalty call in the Seattle box or that it was Bernárdez who earned it? In the box?!?

So it goes.

Meanwhile, back in the stands:

At least 1) Silva had an amazing first match at DM--good positioning, intelligent reading, & fabulous footwork--could be a keeper for years to come.
(Keeper as in he stays, not challenging Bingham between the posts)

& 2) we have Quakes Family & Quakes Moms:

Back to Avaya & Houston!