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Quakes' Beautiful Game Grinds Dynamo Down To 10-Men, Bottom of MLS West

Hope Quakes had a team Flashdance & Animaniacs watch party following San Jose's 3-1 win over a Re-Coyling Hapless Houston to properly celebrate the Panamanian scoring duo of Godoy & Quintero: #Panamaniacs is now officially a THING.

Mad Mid-Week Max Magic--Beyond Palindrome: !A MAN [OR TWO] A [DOM-INATING] PLAN A [SCORING] CANAL PANAMA!
Mad Mid-Week Max Magic--Beyond Palindrome: !A MAN [OR TWO] A [DOM-INATING] PLAN A [SCORING] CANAL PANAMA!
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Week 9.5 – SJvHOU

Drink Of The Match:

Seco Herrerano

['nuf sed!]

So much good soccer going on around the Bay Area!

(& on Reddit!)

Confusion about No Fun League rules:

Pregame Build-Up / Mexican Heritage Night!

Here's one #Quakes74 fan who's really going the distance for Mexican Heritage Night at Avaya!
Stay connected!

Somebody found a way moove through the cattle pens:

[The parable of the chef slowly heating the water so the Q doesn't know it's being cooked comes to mind]

Speaking of a mascot who never admits da-feet:


Last minute changes:




Hard to tell what excited Quakes fans more: the early fab Quintero goal or OH MY GOD IT'S LENNY!! AT AVAYA IT'S MUTHAFRACKIN' STEVEN LENHART BACK IN THE FLESH IN AN ACTUAL SOCCER STADIUM HOLY SHIT!!!

Back on the pitch, this Houston Fan Observed:

Fans are fanning!


"Empty Seat" criticism.

Another vote for Supporters Groups on opposite sides:



[Q Jaws music]


Kiddos loving LOBINA & the 2-1 lead:

And now for something completely different:

HOUSTON KEEPER GETS RC, all three subs used!!

Anibaba apparently drew the shortest straw, hadn't played goalkeeper since middle school:


Oh, yeah, there was this heart-stopping holdup play by Wondo, with fab Quintero finish:

FT: 3-1 SJvHOU


Nude Zealand: West Ham Reid scores last goal at Boleyn Ground, SJE Colvey gets called up to NZ national team.


Speaking of International players spotlighting #SJvHOU:

We hope our own Love-Chatting, Animal, Naked Q finally finds the A it's looking for.