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Quakes Battle Back to (Fa)tai Galaxy 1-1 in LA LA Land

Despite the incredible homerism of having Cobi Jones (UCLA, LA Galaxy) call a FOX SPORTS (based in LA) national broadcast, Quakes fans had plenty to cheer about: San Jose not only picked up play in the second half to battle back with an Alashe equalizer, but avoided the usual requisite Stub Hub Red Card & played 11 men the entire match!

Hey, LA Riot Squad: why you so quiet? Was it something I said? Or a header I slammed home while your CBs stood around? What?
Hey, LA Riot Squad: why you so quiet? Was it something I said? Or a header I slammed home while your CBs stood around? What?
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Week 11: #LAvSJ


Somebody's been juicing so hard it took two tweets just to reach the "J":


And this is what we have to deal with:

VERY COOL: apparently part of Wondo's new contract extension included some kick-ass custom Captain’s Armbands:

Just a reminder: "Bau Daigh" (Warrior Coming Over The Hill) is the first Native American capped USMNT player ever.
And no doubt who's San Jose's Captain!

For #LAvSJ, Quakes opened up Avaya for a viewing party.  Lawnchairs & Marc Pelosi welcome!

Fox televised the Galaxy vs. Earthquakes match as a national broadcast. Fox Sports is based in Los Angeles. Fox also employed former UCLA, USMNT, & LA Galaxy standout Cobi Jones to provide color commentary. The result? A national broadcast that cemented the "home" in "homer" & pissed off everyone not Cosmo's drinking buddy:

We're assuming that for the #SJvLA #CaliClasico played at Stanford Stadium, in the spirit of balance, Fox Sports will invite Steven Lenhart to provide color commentary. With emphasis on Black & Blue #GoonieTime Color!


Galaxy have little regard for Wynne:

Dude only played amazing UCLA & Colorado minutes at CB for years.

BAD IDEAS: Poking a tiger with a short stick.  Sticking a fork in a light socket.  Lighting a match in a methane lab. AND:

Run. Run away now.


LA’s own not impressed:

Not sure which is more impressive: dude rated all Quakes players under Rowe, Van Damme, & Rogers (all defenders), or rated them above all Galaxy attacking options.

Um, no.
That was a normal shot on goal that millions of strikers have rocketed just over the bar since Time Immemorial.
But thanks for the Belgium-inspired hyperbole.



MPG made for some good movement, but sometimes for a #CaliClasico you need a grizzled veteran:

Godoy sees red after getting hit with studs into top of boot, but Zardes doesn't even see yellow:

Once again, CROSSBAR proving itself one of the most formidable defenders in MLS:


When MLS stacks the deck in LA's favor, sometimes you just need the right dealer:

Wynne, who's been rocking the backline, makes an unlucky touch:

At least LA didn't score it.



As with most #CaliClasicos, we all need a Stadium Buddy:

Especially deep in Galaxy territory, ULTRAS are 1) in the house & 2) shirtless.



See you at Avaya on Saturday for #SJvDAL!!!