Hack-a-back! Clarence Goodson Twitter account hacked


It started innocently enough Thursday morning, the same time that he was scheduled to undergo season-ending surgery for a herniated disc, when Clarence Goodson's Twitter account posted a video by $tainGang. It certainly didn't seem to be music of Clay's taste, but who knows what type of anesthesia he was on. But then the tweets came out fast and furious, each one definitely the work of pranksters and not the San Jose Earthquakes center back. Goodson had been hacked! In between the crude and rude tweets was one that did poke fun at FIFA, which some of Clarence's regular followers found funny. The Quakes worked feverishly behind the scenes to end the hack. Even Clay's wife implored followers to disregard the transgressions. Hopefully the big man is back on his feet soon and can restore normalcy on social media. We need you, Clay!

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