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Quakes Turn Summertime Blues Into Rocking Rollercoaster Redout

Gritty comebacks, frustrating draws, WTF losses, spectacular near misses, bittersweet reunions, breathtaking golazos, & way, way too much red marked the Quakes' July.

Nuts! Quakes' crazy, inspiring, & frustrating summer in a single image.
Nuts! Quakes' crazy, inspiring, & frustrating summer in a single image.
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports


For the past few months, Quakes fans have experienced a rainbow of emotions, but mostly a lot of red, black, & blues.  Here's a rather long recap, but, just like the Quakes, totally worth it.

We're also introducing our new fan soapbox: LOBINA Bar Talk!
(Skip down to the SJvTOR match if you can't wait)


San Jose stumbled into the summer posting enough goose eggs to make an fowl omelette: SJvDAL 0-0, PORvSJ 1-0, PORvSJ 2-0 (USOC).  The Quakes were not playing poorly (well, except for the Open Cup match), but the soccer gods did not shade the matches Black & Blue.


The first MLS match after the international break presented a complex canvas of emotions as the match was the first Orlando community sports event following the horrific shooting at Pulse--a gay dance club--& which resulted in nearly 50 killed & many more wounded.  Quakes players & fans joined Orlando in commemorating the victims, their families, as well as the first responders & the entire community devastated by the violence & loss of life:

Back in San Jose, the Ultras hosted a fundraiser to support #OrlandoUnited during the Quakes watch party at Golden State Brewery:

The match itself was an up-&-down affair, with Orlando scoring two, but San Jose bouncing back with a goal by Barrett:

& a late equalizer by Super-Sub Salinas:

Quincy expressed all Quakes fans' feelings by tackling Shea.

CaliClasico Part III:

The Final CaliClasico of the season at Stanford had the requisite Goonies Goal, as substitute-striker Barrett scored in the 90th minute off a substitute-superman Salinas free kick to equalize an earlier Dos Santos strike.  However, the victorious tie was marred by many of the 50,000 fans chanting the homophobic "Puto" chant at each LA Galaxy goal kick.  The discriminating chant not only disappointed die-hard supporters groups like Imperio Sismico, SJ Ultras, & The Faultliners--who have worked hard & diligently to squash that shit at Avaya--but also to Quakes players who play their hearts out for a positive fan experience.


The Quakes travelled to outside Chicago to play former SJ coach Frank Yallop's former Fire.  With Wondo finally rejoining the team from USMNT duty for Copa America 2016, Quakes fans were excited about finally getting a 2016 win on the road.

Especially against the worst team in MLS.

A quick reminder how lucky we are to have a world-class stadium in the city that's actually part of our team's name:

And more Quakes fam showed up outside of Chicago as well!

Unfortunately, it was more of a Chicagastop than a Chicago.

The CHIvSJ Match Itself:

And, to bottom it out once again, the Puto Chant rears its ugly head:

Strike that: the Puto Chant doesn't do anything by itself.  PEOPLE shout out that homophobic crap:

We can easily stop this shit. Just don't say it.

And when you hear it, turn to the person shouting it & calmly say, "We don't say that here."

Team & Stadium owners, who always want to be on the right side of history & fanbase, will have instructed the stewards to engage shouters & so will have people to help escort foul-mouth "fans" out of the stands.

Speaking of shit, it was a sorry match, with poor performances all around & only MLS ALL-STAR David Bingham providing a spark of spirit:

Friggin' 1-0 loss to the WORST team in MLS.

It happens.

On the bright side:

On the dark side, Alashe got his head smacked hard, & had to be taken off (with his family watching).

With concussions, it could be weeks.


Nothing like losing away to the worst team in the league & then hosting the best on another emotional celtic knot of a night: the Quakes welcomed red-hot FC Dallas to Avaya one day after the tragic shooting of people & police officers in Dallas, but a match which also celebrated LGBTQ Pride, with longtime Quakes fan-favorite journo Kate Scott slamming home the ceremonial opening goal:

As a bar with an awesome screen, so honored to share the scene!  Check out that Great Scott Rocket! & Q embrace!

The match itself was just as emotionally & physically engaging: Quakes played well & on the front foot for much of the match.  Cards were shown.  Cards were not shown.  Dallas rocked in a goal.  Wondo was ?  Most fans left Avaya looking like we'd just watched all 24 hours of Twin Peaks in one sitting, but were given a Fire Walk With Me VHS tape on the way out.

Oh, Quakes lost 0-1.
Playing well to the best team in MLS.
So it goes.

We just hope Kate Scott--a Bay Area sports fan & fab journalist who has tirelessly championed soccer on types of airwaves--felt the love Avaya & LOBINA could give.  Especially after all the Buck Shaw broadcasts she rocked with her love of Quakes, soccer, & Bay Area sport shining through!  She is one of the major forces behind the Quakes broadcasting success today, & all fans need to recognize her professional & personal heart-felt contribution to San Jose's expanding-market success.

Week 16: SJvTOR

After weeks of ties, not scoring, & good performances being rewarded with losses or whoopee cushions, Quakes fans did not enter Avaya fulling believing in the possibility of the mythical THREE POINTS.

Sure, Toronto was missing Michael Bradley.  And that occasional USMNT striker of the Hamstring Affliction.  But Toronto FC has a quality side with quality players, including two of San Jose's best defenders from our 2012 wonderseason: Justin Morrow & Steven Beitashour.

We miss both of you, & were happy to see you back in San Jose.
Even after you combined to score on us.
Love you both.

[Slams shotglass down, starts drinking straight from bottle]

#DOTM (Drink Of The Match):

Security has slowly expanded to the curb:

People now have to remove everything around their waists in addition to emptying pockets.  Quakes STH bags are still grandfathered in, but otherwise it's no go for bags, umbrellas, etc.  Notice the metal detectors.  At the supporters' gate, there were many police & a physical patdown.  People were not tickled.


With all the injuries & absences to the Quakes roster, at least somebody was scouting for quality replacements:

But mainly the mood was frustration & SMH:

Introducing "LOBINA Bar Talk": a series of video interviews in which Quakes fans get to rant until drunk.  Or vice versa.  Our first installment features Dan @QuakesFan, speaking during the beginning of the match on his thoughts on the State of the Quakes:

We hope to meet with many Quakes fans & hear what you have to say!

[SPOILER ALERT] Multi-Level Ironic Tweet of the Match:



Dude.  The Quakes played an amazing first 40 minutes, putting on a master-class of the High Press.  Cato & Quintero combined consistently to bring the ball up the right side.  Francis, Dawkins, & even Alashe busted up the left.  Geez Stewart & Big Vic Bernárdez shut down Toronto's attempts to drive up the middle.




Exact same foul not called / called yellow all match.  At this point Avaya came alive, with the whole crowd booing the ref & cheering on Wondo, who went either apoplectic or apocalyptic or both.  No sympathy for Endoh--who was barely touched--and the crowd would rain boos on him at every ball touch for the rest of the match.

Even non-Quakes supporters took issue with the red:

So the Quakes, a goal up, now had to play the next 50 minutes a man down.

Not surprisingly, soon there was...


Always awesome to see Beita & J-Mo in San Jose.


At halftime it was tied up 1-1.  The stadium booed Endoh & the ref off.  Wondo immediately went back to blasting the ref for his inconsistency.  Many supporters started shaking their heads at the prospect of another draw. Or worse.

Beer & Natchos sales skyrocketed.

And soon after the Second Half started:


Endoh & the Red Card Ref strike again!  If Avaya was noisy before, we really woke up the neighbors now, as the entire stadium exploded with chants of:


Apparently it registered on the stadium seismograph as the most forceful fan-induced event in Avaya history.

Equaled only moments later when Cato rocked up the center of the pitch to feed Dawkins, charging up the left.  2 on 5.  Dawkins stopped well outside the box, Cato screamed past to pull away one defender, while Dawkins juked inside around two more, wound up and....


For the next 20 minutes all Quakes supporters were screaming & cheering at every stop, at every blocked cross, at every Quakes clearance.  Goalkeeper David Bingham put in an MLS ALL STAR performance grabbing crosses & blocking shots to keep Toronto from equalizing.



And in our second edition of "LOBINA Bar Talk" (with an easter egg at the end!):

So many great performances!  So difficult to decide a Player of the Match!

Sure, we love Quakes winning.

Especially since we've been screwed by PROrefs & constantly dissed by MLS & mainstream media (e.g. MLS "Extra Time Radio"--with a Bay Area journo!--focused on "Toronto Loses" rather than "San Jose Wins with 9 players").

But we really love our homegrown Quakes, no matter what:

Now on to Real Salt Lake for that elusive road win!!